Hokuyo Musen Kogyo CO.,LTD 1946


: 1979



Power Source: AC110-120 Volt/220-240 Volt (Switchable) 50/60Hz.

Output Power: 15 watts RMSper channel

Speaker impedance: 8 ohm

Antenna: AM built-in ferrite bar

FM built-in detachable 75ohm, 300ohm balanced and 75ohm unbalanced, ext. terminal

Dimentions: 542(W) x 275(D) x 133(H) mm

FM section

Frequency range: 88—108MHz

Sensitivity: 10μV

IF rejection: 60 dB

Image rejection: 36 dB

Selectivity: 30 dB

Limiting Sensitivity: 30 dB

FM stereo separation: 37 dB

MW section

Frequency range: 5351606KHz

Sensitivity: 200μV/m

IF rejection: 36 dB

Image rejection: 40 dB

Selectivity: 20 dB

SW1 section

Frequency range: 3.0 ~ 9.0MHz

Sensitivity: 12mV

SW2 section

Frequency range: 9.0 ~ 22.0MHz

Sensitivity: 12μV

Tape section

Tape speed: 1-7/8 ips

Wow-flutter: 0.2% WRMS

Crosstalk: 36 dB

Separation: 36 dB

S/N ratio: 45 dB

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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