Sansui был основан в 1947 в Токио Япония. Компания начинавшая как производитель трансформаторов,  за 50 лет удалось произвести множество аудио продуктов. Наибольшего расцвета и мировой известности компания достигла между концом 70-ых и середины 80-ых годов.

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Sansui CP-7
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Год начала выпуска: 1984
Регион: Европа

 mini component system with FM stereo, MW, LW and SW bands and an output of 2 x 15 Watts music. It is a mini component system. Features a digital synthesized tuner-amp with 20 presetable stations (5 for each of the four bands). It also has a built-in timer/clock with On/Off, Sleep-switch and clock functions, and it even has inputs for a turntable. The cassette deck has full-logic control, 3-song AMPS to quickly locate songs, metal-tape compatibility and Dolby noise reduction. CP-7 looks and sounds like a real home hi-fi system. Snap them together, attach the handle and you are ready for exciting musical adventures wherever you go. CP-7 operates from its own battery power supply or taps into an auto's or boat's 12V power supply with an optional adaptor. For extra convenience, attach the handle to the deck and leave the rest home: W x H x D: 53,2 x 28 x 19,3 cm. Weight: 9,8 kgs. You are now equipped for headphone listening or onlocation recording sessions. Power sources: 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz or batteries
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Sansui CP-7 system

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