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National Panasonic RF-966 LB GX400

: 1974

Radio Frequency Range;
FM; 87.5-108 MHz
LW; 145~355 kHz (2060845m)
MW; 520~1610 kHz (577
SW; 5.9~18 MHz (50.8∼16.7m)

Intermediate Frequency: FM; 10.7 MHz
AM (MW\LW&SW); 455kHz
Sensitivity: FM: 2.0μV/50mW output
LW; 50μV/m/50mW output
MW; 10μV/m/50mW output
SW; 2
μV/m/50mW output

Power Requirement; AC(using AC Adaptor RD-9480B) 110~125/220-240V 50/60Hz
Battery; 6V (Four "C" Size Flashlight Batteries)
(National UM-2 or equivalent)

Power Output: 3.3W (max.)

Speaker: 10cm(4") PM Dynamic Speaker 8Ω

Impedance; FM EXT.ANT ….75Ω
DIN jack
REC OUT....80kΩ

Earphone jack; .........8Ω

Dimensions: 235mm(Wide)x213mm(High)x78(Deep) mm

Weight: 1.65kg without batteries
Peter Laughton : 13.06.2011 03:57:50
Can give some specs for National rf 966m radio
FM 88 to 108 mhz
sw 6.5 mhz to 18 mhz
marine 1.6 to 4.5 mhz
am 530 to 1630 khz

Has tuned rf stage (fet) with rf gain control, swivell aerial for df use, operates from 4 c batteries or external 6 v dc at about 30 ma.

Has provision for external audio input. Also sleep timer (120 mins0 and loudness control, along with tone control

Afc for fm or dx local on sw am ranges.

reasonabl large speaker and works well. Picks up am radio 800 km away well.

Has dial light and rather large s meter/battery meter

hope that helps.

I need the circuit diagramme if anyone has one.



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