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Toshiba RT-8097

: 1987


Cassette deck

Cassette Tape Used Normal C-30, C-60, C-90, C-120

Chrome C-46, -60,-90(playback only)

Metal C-46, -60(playback only)

Tape Speed: 4.8 cm/sec.
Track system: 4-track 2-chanel stereo
Recording system: AC bias
Erasing system:
Frequency response: Normal 30Hz to 14kHz
CrO2 30Hz to 15kHz
Metal 30Hz to 16kHz
CD player
Type: CD player with optical pickup
Quantization: 14 bit linear
Channels: Two channels(stereo)
Frequency response 20Hz to20kHz
T.H.D. 0.01%(1kHz)
Dynamic range: 80dB(1kHz)
Channels separation: 80dB(1kHz)
Wow& Flutter: Below measurable limit
Pickup: Semiconductor laser pickup


Receiving Frequency FM: 87.5 MHz to 107.9 MHz (0.2MHz steps)

AM: 530 kHz to 1610 kHz (10kHz steps)
Power output : 4w x4w x 8w 1kHz 10% THD, DC

Speakers : D
ynamic woofer:120 mm (dia.) x 2
Woofer 100 mm (dia.) x 1
Terminals: PHONES jack x 1
AUX jack x 1
CD OUT jack x 2
Speaker terminal jack x 2

Power Supply: AC 120 V, 60 Hz (USA,Canada)
AC 240 V, 50 Hz (Australia)
DC 12 V ( "D" cell) x 8
Power Consumption:
36 W
Dimensions : (W) 540 mm x (H) 201.5 mm x (D) 189 mm
Weight: 6.3 kg (without batteries)

Specifications are subject to change for improvement.

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