Фирма PHILIPS & Co была основана в 1891 г. в городе Эйндховене Голландия Фредириком Филипс и  его сыном Герардом
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Philips D 8814
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Год начала выпуска: 1982
Регион: Европа

stereo radio recorder with clock and spatial-stereo effect. FM stereo, MW, LW and SW bands. 2x10 watts music power. LCD digital frequency readout. ACS micro-processor controlled tape search system: fully programmable search and location on recorded tapes. Suitable for metal tapes as well, Dolby noise reduction, LED recording bars, direct play from wind/rewind mode, long life heads, 2 built-in microphones with mixing facility. Clock/programmer section featuring: high accuracy quarts clock with display, wake by radio or cassette. Can also operate for recording/play at any pre-set time, 12-24 hour time scale. Sockets provided for external speakers, headphones, line, record player with magnetic pickup. Dimensions: 48x28x13,5 cm. Power supply: 127-220 volt, 50/60 cs. or 12 v. car battery or 8 batteries
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